About Us

We are an experienced team of professionals with complementary expertise areas from programming and management to marketing and sales. Aiming with the goal to increase the value we provide through the training company Valoria Business Solutions we decided to join our forces and integrate the gaming concepts into our training methods. Flarezz is an e-learning platform with a twist for the professionals who want to upgrade their skills.

Flarezz is a fantastic complement to the traditional training methods. It integrates technology in the learning process to elevate the experience and fine-tune the knowledge in the relevant field. Flarezz is not as much of e-learning platform but it is an experience you will always remember. The world of tomorrow is a promise we want to live up to. Join us to experience the advanced trainings as you have never experienced.

Flarezz upgrades your know-how

Mission, Vision, Values

Philosophy we strive for

Our Vision is to bring unconventional ideas and new concepts in learning through gaming.

Our Mission is to put forward innovative concepts with a twist and create new exciting experiences for the learners.

Our Values are Xperience, Innovation, Trust, and Fun. These values are embedded in everything we do.

Our Values

Xperience 100%
Innovation 100%
Trust 100%
Fun 100%

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love Gamified Training

Amazing Design

We are all about fun UIs, player-centered design, moving beyond user-centered design. A good definition of concept, story, environment, features and content, mechanics and verbs put together turn our games in a thrilling experience.

Addictive UX

Rich story arc, riveting writing, intuitive controls and challenging missions make your queuing experience at the most crowded local cafe seem too short, or can transform a subway commute into playtime you look forward to each morning.

Exciting Mechanics

We design mechanics that are intuitive, The investment is fairly small and the player can begin enjoying the satisfying feeling very shortly after picking up the game. Series of combined mechanics create exciting experiences.

Fresh Features

We set up a mix of features so as to support the mission of the game downloadable content, such as new game levels, or user-created content. We upgrade our games with promotional and seasonal content is an easy way to keep things fresh.

Social Sharing

You can comment on the game experience with friends and invite them to join solid game challenges. Share your achievements and top rankings in the leader board with your mates and show them your best moves. Games sessions are best when shared with friends.

Custom Events

Custom events are the salt and pepper of the gaming sessions. We make sure to sprinkle a lot of them in our games to rev up the players at the right moments along the story line and keep them engaged. We embed the right custom tournaments and chest challenges.

We power up people

A Passion for Learning

The learning process has changed as a consequence of new advanced methods supported by technology.

We are professional trainers of one of the largest learning and development providers in Romania.

We know that organizations need personalized training that incorporates cutting-edge technology.

More than ever, now training is effectively providing skills that match the way we learn in a high-tech world.

The World Belongs to the fast learners

According to the World Applied Sciences Journal survey results:

  • Training and development activities have a positive impact on employee engagement

  • Companies scoring highest for engagement achieve 2.5 times the revenue growth of the lowest

  • 87% of millennial employees say professional development is very important

  • 40% of employees who receive poor training leave within the first year

  • 1 out of every 3 employees say that uninspiring content is a barrier to their learning

Team Members

Elena Badea

Learning Designer

Constantin Măgdălina

Team Lead

Elena Dumitru

Elena Dumitru

Subject matter expert

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