People analytics – solution to the labor force crises

Digitization has its proven advantages in increasing economic competitiveness. Implementation of digital solutions is a must for sustaining competitiveness. However, before capitalizing on digital solutions, it is necessary to know them for adoption, as relevant for each company. At this time, the common challenge of companies on labor shortages highlights the data analysis solution for [...]

Are video games just entertainment?

It has been popularized that entertainment means concerts, stage shows or TV shows. The need for entertaining was fulfilled in these activities, and it made us believe that only these are the forms of entertaining. But with the propagation of technology, there is a new form of entertainment, the video games. On PC, console, mobile [...]

Women claim their market share in gaming

We usually believe that video games are generally intended for men. Well, women matter increasingly more in the industry. Among all categories of games, mobile games are most preferred to women. What is the reason for this appetite? Easy access to smartphones and games, most of them free to play. Women prefer to play mobile [...]

Generation Z of players and the Jurassic Park

In recent years, all the innovations have had a great impact on the gaming industry. The rapid succession of generations of hardware devices has marked the industry as a whole. The fastest development has been encountered in the mobile video gaming industry. The ascendence of hardware generations has led to many improved versions of mobile [...]

Trends in the global gaming industry

Every year, in March, takes place the biggest event in the gaming industry in the world, Game Developers Conference (GDC). Just like in the last six editions, before the start of the event, this year the developers were asked about the latest trends in the industry. Here's what we get from the selection of responses [...]

Advertising in the mobile game world

"Doing business without advertising is like winking at someone in the dark. You know what you're doing, but nobody else does." That's a well-known saying in advertising. This saying is all the more relevant to the gaming industry. A good game without advertising is like trying to seduce an audience who does not even know [...]

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Hide-and-seek is now playing on mobile

The mobile gaming industry is no longer just about the game. Because modern games break the cultural, geographic and even fiscal matrix. The male audience no longer represents the general target, as long as the gender ratio approaches 1: 1. Games are not played exclusively in one's own home, while wired to fixed devices and [...]

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How the game plays in the gaming industry

A sector of the IT&C industry is increasingly attracting attention in Romania - the gaming sector. According to a survey of gaming sector revenues from 100 countries in the world, Romania ranked 47th in the world and 4th in Eastern Europe with 153millions euros revenues for 2016. About 7,000 of the over 100,000 employees in [...]

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