Women claim their market share in gaming

We usually believe that video games are generally intended for men. Well, women matter increasingly more in the industry. Among all categories of games, mobile games are most preferred to women. What is the reason for this appetite? Easy access to smartphones and games, most of them free to play.

Women prefer to play mobile games

In the US, 65% of women aged 10-65 play mobile games. According to the 2017 edition of the Google Play and NewZoo survey, women account for 49% of mobile game players. They play more often than men and have a significant potential for money conversion once the habit is installed.

In the queue at the hypermarket, while waiting the metro or at home, mobile games are ideal for a moment of quiet time for a few minutes. It is the perfect remedy for relaxation and fun. 60% of women say that mobile play gives them a good feeling, gives them the opportunity to play anywhere, even when they are on the move and is a way to have fun and build relationships and make new friends.

In Europe, the same increasing trend is observed

A study by Techonomic conducted in Europe, in 2014, showed that more women than men (17% vs. 14%) used daily entertainment and games applications on mobile phones. Of these, 11% spent over an hour playing on the mobile phone, more than one in five (21%) spent between 30 and 60 minutes with these applications, and almost one third (29%) spent between 15 and 30 minutes in front of phones and tablets.

In Romania, a study by Starcom Mediavest Group carried out two years ago showed that Romanians play on average 3 games on their mobile phone. The preferred place to play is at home, and the preferred hourly range is 7pm-12am. The same study shows that only 14% of Romanians are willing to spend money on mobile games, and the actual amount of money allocated is up to 50 RON.

Game developers take these trends into account

But how does the robot portrait of the woman who like playing mobile games look like? The sketch shows us a 37-year-old woman, financially independent, willing to spend some money on games or on in-game loot or gear assets. As players women are more casual than men, but they are not willing to invest too much time and not much money in games. However, games such as Candy Crush, Angry Birds Pokemon Go or Brutal Brawl are quite casual and do not require much time to be considered fun.

Women are interested in both games and those who promote them. 30% of the audience of the YouTube Game channel are women, and 39% of them are influenced by a friend or family member when they try a new game. Considering the growing interest of women in mobile games, this is an opportunity for developers to include this target segment in their development plans.

The presence of women in the gaming industry

As for the presence of women in the gaming industry, Intel has invested $ 300 million in diversity and improving the presence of women in the gaming division. The World Game Developers Association conducted a global survey in 2014, and the results showed that only 22% of all developers were women. On the other hand, 79% of respondents considered that gender diversity is important for industry, but only 28% felt there was equal opportunities for men and women in this industry.

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