Generation Z of players and the Jurassic Park

In recent years, all the innovations have had a great impact on the gaming industry. The rapid succession of generations of hardware devices has marked the industry as a whole. The fastest development has been encountered in the mobile video gaming industry. The ascendence of hardware generations has led to many improved versions of mobile games and to new generations of players. If we were to give a 14-year-old child the first video game on the mobile to play it, he would feel like being in the Jurassic Park of the industry.

Games technology evolves rapidly

Those who grew up playing the first versions of mobile games have comparative criteria, the perspective of evolution thereof and feel somewhat nostalgic. Those who have been born at the time the technology offers games with graphics and gameplay so well made find it hard to leave the smartphones off their hand. These high-quality games are the default of their experience of interacting with the mobile gaming world. In the case of the latter, the nostalgia of these years will come much quicker as the pace of development and innovation in the industry is accelerating. In just two years from now, one would hear the saying: “Do you remember when we played Clash of Clans on the mobile?”

Immersive games change the relationship with reality

The immersive universe of mobile games explains better the success of these games among young people and even adults today. It changes the relationship with reality and changes the nature of exchanges, language and gestures. Now you can share your leaderboard performance on specialized platforms or social media, talk about loot boxes, combos or hit points (HP) and give you skins in the game. Hard gifts such as consoles or game boxes have not disappeared, but more and more the gifts take the soft form of the features that someone close buys and gives them to you.

All generations crave for mobile games

Adults and children alike are increasingly gaining the pleasure of playing games on mobile. This hobby bridges the gap between generations by simply sharing a common passion; it aligns behaviors and resuscitates the relationship between generations. If we were to imagine the players installing their mobile video games in the real world, it would be similar to the endless line of those who want to be the first to buy the latest iPhone model. That is a number of people from different generations who share common preferences and passions. In this case preference for the latest titles and upgrades of mobile video games.

Communities created by online players generate e-friendships

The possibility to play the mobile video games online allows players to connect with other players around the world creating communities, sharing experiences, and even linking e-friendships. Increasingly higher quality of games facilitates a better connection between players. The graphics of these new mobile video games are supported by a sophisticated Blue-ray disc that offers a much better sound quality. By adding the Blue-ray disc, graphics are the best in the history of mobile video games. High-quality complementarity between sound and image gives players a very strong experience. Based on this, it is normal for a new generation of players to compare mobile video games of 10 years ago to a dinosaur.

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